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Sweat and dirt in your hands can get into your golf grips each time you go golfing. The sweat can slip through the tissue even though you are wearing gloves and make your handle filthy and moist. For these reasons, cleaning your clubs after every use is generally a good idea. We will be discussing the three essential steps for cleaning golf grips.

3 Essential Steps for Cleaning Golf Grips

STEP 1: Frequent Cleaning

  1. After every use, carry out simple cleaning.

Once you go golfing, your club’s grips will contain a lot of sweat and dirt. After you finish playing, necessary cleaning ensures you remove most sweat and dirt from your grip before it dries into your wrap. Clean any club you used during golfing. This process works with synthetic, rubber, and leather grips.

  1. Under warm water and wrinkle out a new microfiber fabric.

Please take a small microfiber cloth to your sink or add warm water to your bucket. Run down the cloth or dip into the bucket under the tap. Remove most of the water from the cloth.

  1. Cover the bottom of your grips with your washcloth.

Raise the club in your weaker hand, roll up the washcloth around your handle, using your stronger hand. Stretch out the washcloth to fit into your palm evenly. Bend your club to keep your shaft dry. The handle will point to the ground.

  1. Use your stronger hand to rub the grips.

Press lightly on your cloth and turn your wrist back and forth to rub it in on all sides of your handle. Tilt your hand up to the apex point of your grips as the cloth rotates around each area of your grip.

If you prefer, you can rotate the club rather than rotate your hand. When you do, keep holding the cloth firmly and turn the club with your weaker hand.

  1. To remove dampness, clean the grips with a soft cloth.

Put down your cloth of microfiber and find a warm, fresh cloth. Start cleaning your grips from the bottom to remove just about the entire water. Just let your club dry after you clean it for 12 to 24 hours. Please clean every club you used while you played.

STEP 2: Brushing covered Grips with Water and Soap

  1. Every 6-12 months, wash your encased grips with soap.

When you make use of your clubs nearly every week, carry out at least two thorough cleanings yearly. If you don’t play often, you can leave it out and wait in between cleanings for a year. It’s a great idea to have deep clean, covered clubs, even if you don’t frequently play, clearly because if you don’t clean them up, the covering can dry out and become fragile.

  1. Fill a warm water bucket with mild detergent.

Apply to the bucket 3–4 tablespoon (44–59 mL) of mild detergent. Put 4–5 cups of warm water in your bucket (0.95–1.18 l). Additionally, a few tablespoons of soap can be applied to a dry washcloth and washed inside your sink with warm water. It is not a good option for leather grips.

  1. Soak and wring out a washcloth in your bucket.

Bring in your bucket a clean washcloth and soak it thoroughly in the water. Sit tight for 15-20 seconds and take out the cloth. Spin the washcloth to pull the excess water out into your bucket.

  1. Wipe the soapy washcloth onto your grips by starting from the base.

Keep the club’s shaft in between your legs or sit it on top of your knees. Roll up your washcloth around your grips and wipe tightly around the handle with a circling movement. Continue till you get to the top of your handle till every part of your handle is clean.

  1. Scrub the grips with a toothbrush or a light-brush.

Use the soapy water with a light-brush or toothbrush. Place the club with your weaker hand close to the top of the shaft to support it. Scrub the club in a backward and forward movement perpendicular to your grip. Flip the club as you brush up towards your cover.

  1. Wash off the grip under a continuous flow of cold water with a nozzle.

Adjust the nozzle to a fixed point or switch your sink’s knob so that the water gushes out fully. Wash off the grips by aiming the nozzle of the hose or the water flow at an angle. Wash the bulk of soapy water on all sides of your grips.

  1. Use a clean cloth to dry up your grips.

Roll up your grips in a clean cloth. Turn the fabric to absorb most of the water by applying light pressure. Wipe every part of your grip before you drop the cloth.

  1.  Allow 12-24 hours for your grip dry.

Some water may still be inside your grip fiber. In a dry area, place your club on a level surface and put the grips on the edge. Allow your grips to dry up before making use of it, for a minimum of 12 hours.

STEP 3: Intense Cleaning of Porous Grips with Alcohol

  1. Only if necessary, clean rubber and porous grips.

Porous plastic and rubber grips are a little harder to clean, as the water can be absorbed and compressed into the pores of the material. Intense cleaning is only appropriate if you intend to remove sludge from your grip.

  1. Clean the original deposits of dirt or sweat from your grip with a soft cloth.

The porous handling made of genuine synthetic rubber cannot be immersed in soapy water because it can trap moisture from the pore material. Begin provisional using a clean, soft cloth to each part of your rubber grip.

  1. Moisten the washcloth using warm water.

Bring a washcloth and slip it swiftly under a warm water flow to get moist. The washcloth doesn’t have to be wet; it is supposed to be a little moist. Squeeze it over the sink if it is too soaked.

  1. Moisten your washcloth with a little rubbing alcohol.

Pour the rubbing alcohol over your moist washcloth, about 1-2 teaspoons (4.9–9.9 mL). Squeeze the washcloth together with for the alcohol to circulate. If your hands are too dirty, pour some additional rubbing alcohol.

  1. Clean the grips from both ends with the washcloth.

You can begin from the top or bottom. Wipe your hand in a circle around the grip with your strong hand. Continue to the other end while you wipe it. Repeat the cycle two to three times to guarantee that every part of your handle is subject to alcohol.

  1. Use a dry cloth to clean your grips.

Make use of a big washcloth to absorb the water and rubbing alcohol remaining. Position the cloth on the handle and press the grips. Use the dry cloth clean thoroughly, to remove all the water left.

  1. Allow 12-24 hours to dry your grips.

Since the rubber grips are porous, the fibers may contain some water. Spot your club in an airy environment to provide sufficient air access. Position it on a leveled surface and wait a minimum of 12 hours before you make use of it once more.

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