How to get access to motosport events

Car And Moto Racing

There is a set of rules, also for the automobile sport, which is defined by the DMSB and documented in the DMSB license regulations. In order to be able to participate in the automobile sport as a driver / co-driver, a license is required, which is applied for with a license application to the DMSB. The license application is available on request from the DMSB branch office or the relevant ADAC Regional Club sports departments. The prerequisite for obtaining a DMSB driver / passenger license for the automobile sport is in principle a medical examination of the applicant by a physician approved in Germany, who certifies the suitability of the subject for participation in the automobile sport.

As an entry into the motor sport, the DMSB awards the National DMSB license. Anyone who has achieved the results of t
his license or has successfully completed a driving instructor’s course recognized by the DMSB may even apply for the national license level A directly. The application for this license must be submitted within 9 months after the completion of the course, otherwise the entitlement to the national license level A will expire. At this point, it should be mentioned that all driver / passenger licenses also include DMSB sports accident insurance. In addition to this DMSB sports casualty insurance, there is also the option of completing supplementary insurance (optional supplementary insurance A or B) with correspondingly higher benefits


Before two-wheelers can compete for the first competition, they need more than just talent, a motorcycle and a suitable driver’s equipment. Without a license issued or at least recognized by the DMSB, the best machine does not use either. There are several reasons for this. On the one hand, the license is automatically linked to a sports accident insurance cover. On the other hand, the DMSB, through its extensive licensing system, ensures that the individual athletes are active according to their abilities. In addition to this DMSB sports casualty insurance, there is also the option of completing supplementary insurance (optional supplementary insurance A or B) with correspondingly higher benefits.

License applications can be obtained from the ADAC or directly from DMSB . The following points must be observed when applying for a motorbike license: The completed application must be sent together with a passport to the DMSB office or, if you are a member of the ADAC Regional Club. The form for the medical examination (the form for medical examination in the motorcycle sport can also be found at in the section license regulations motorcycle sport) must be filled out by your doctor and remain with your doctor. Upon receipt of the payment, you receive the coveted license into the house.

If you just want to sniff at an event, you can also order an event license directly from the organizer. In such a case, you should ask the organizer in advance.

Below you will find a brief overview of the various license types:

C license
For applicants over 6 years. The age limitation of 70 years is no longer applicable. Older applicants must in any case undergo a special medical examination by the DMSB doctor or health care physician or a doctor designated by him.
The validity of this license is limited to participation in competitions awarded for C license classes without a title in the area of ​​competence of the DMSB. Participation in competitions abroad is generally excluded. For the reissue / extension of a C license in the motorcycle sport, the special medical examination by the doctor of the DMSB or by a doctor designated by him is necessary to assess whether the applicant is equal to a driver who has reached the age limit. This particular medical aptitude test is also required for C license holders over 70 years.

Inter-H license
For applicants from 16 – 70 years
As an owner of an Inter-H license, you can take part in regularity runs (not race!) For historic motorbikes that are “internationally” or “open to Europe”. In case of participation in “international” or “European-open” or “national” veteran races, an inter-license is to be applied instead of the Inter-H license.

For applicants from 13 to 70 years
The issuance of an inter-license may take place at the earliest in the year in which the applicant is 13 years old and for the last time the applicant has reached the age of 70. The prerequisite for the exhibition is also the fulfillment of the performance criteria prescribed for this license class.

FIM- / FIM-Europe license
The prerequisite for the issuance of a FIM or FIM-Europe Championship license, which entitles you to participate in World (FIM) or European Championships (FIM-Europe), is the possession of an inter-license.
Motor boating

Licenses for motorboat racing drivers are available from the German Motor Yachting Association (DMYV). The license includes an accident protection. The basic prerequisite for obtaining a DMYV driver license is a proven successful participation in a motorboat racing school. The completed application (available from the DMYV) must be accompanied by a photo and a medical certificate.

The following license types are distinguished:

National license: from 16 years (exception: class: DMYV-T550, which can be driven from 14 years)
International license: Prerequisite: A driver must have driven 5 national races before taking an Int. License
Super-license: Only for the classes: Formula 1, Formula 2000, Formula 3 and Offshore