How to become a golf player

Golfers are always looking forward to playing golf. After all, anyone, be it a bloody beginner or a single-handed handicapper, can always learn something new. But of course beginners should keep their eyes and ears open for golf tips. We make the start and show you a few meaningful golfing tips, which are important when learning the sport.


Golf Tips: The Top 10

Take golf lessons

Even if it is expensive, you should just take a few golf lessons with a professional golf instructor as a beginner. With the aid of video analyzes, special (swing) exercises and thanks to a lot of tips, you will quickly make progress.

Technology before force

Golf is not a sport. Rather, it depends on the right swing. Anyone who strikes with strength will definitely make a mistake in the golf swing.

Training on the driving range

Practice creates masters. A regular visit to the driving range is indispensable. But do not hit the balls like on the assembly line. Pay attention to the swing and often change the bat.

Chippen, Putten and Co.

The so-called short game is enormously important and helps to improve one’s own handicap. Therefore, go putties, as well as bunk rashes or strokes from the Rough train. Create similar conditions as for the right golf game.

Leave head down

Many beginners have the urge to look after the tee after kicking or putting. The result is that the ball is toppled and completely distorted. Therefore, always keep your eyes down for a few seconds after the stroke. A dog maybe can help you with balls !

Backward swing is more important than forward feed

Whether the ball is hit correctly, 75 percent decides on the back swing. Therefore, the backswing should always be deliberately slow and fully controlled.

Training goes in front of expensive equipment

As a beginner you do not need expensive high-end equipment. Instead, regular training comes first. The following golf clubs should have a beginner: putter, sandweed, pitching, iron 9, iron 7, iron 5 or hybrid and a wood 5.

Theory cramming

Etiquette and rules must be seated. Even if something drifts sometimes, there is no way around.


If you have the permission in your pocket, you should regularly play tournaments. Even if you are only leisure golfer and want to stay. After all, the competition situation is immense, you get to know new people or club members and you can improve your handicap. Especially important, if you want to play a handicap handicap later on.

10 Watching golfing on TV