Daily Diet

In the morning:

Banana muesli

3 tablespoons of muesli (ground mixture of 250 g whole grain flakes, 1/2 bag nuts’ n berries, 1/2 bag of vital core mixes,

50 g of coconut chips and 50 g of oat bran flakes)

100 ml of milk

3 Physalis 1 small banana

(preparation) Mix the milk mixture with the milk in a small bowl. Physalis cleaning and halving, cut banana into slices. Mix the fruit.


Crispbread with coleslaw

1 slice of crispy rye bread

2 slices of ham (Parma or Serrano)

30 g sheep cheese pepper from the grinder

30 g rocket 1/2 red peppers 100 g of ready-made coleslaw

(preparation) Bake wholemeal buns, one half with ham, the other with sheep’s cheese. Pepper the pepper. Rauke read, wash and pluck. Peppers cut into fine strips. Mix the coleslaw with the rocket and the pepper, pepper as desired.

In the evening

Pasta with tuna

150 g of pasta salt

1 onion

1 teaspoon olive oil

50 g tuna from the can

200 ml basil sauce

5 capernal apples

(preparation) Cook the pasta with a bite. Heat the olive oil and fry chopped onion. Add the tuna and grate. Drain the pasta, add two-thirds to the pan, add the sauce and stir until everything is hot. Dress with the capers. Keep remaining noodles for a salad the next day.


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