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Progressive muscle relaxation – what is it?

What is Progressive Muscle Relaxation? We introduce this relaxation technique.

The idea behind progressive muscle relaxation is that of optimal body awareness. The perception of the body’s own body is to be trained by specifically targeting and relaxing certain muscles and muscle groups. You should (again) learn to actively relax the muscles and thus also psychologically relax.

High muscle tone as a stress reaction

On stress of all kinds, the body usually reacts with an increased muscle tone, that is, a muscle tension. This puts us in an emergency. In the past, this pattern was vital for survival. In the meantime, this is only rarely the case, since our stress factors have changed. There are less wild animals than wild deadlines that cause stress. The reaction of the body is still active. As a result, those who permanently suffer from stress have a permanently increased muscle tone. This can become chronic and in time “leans” the sufferer to relax his muscles.

Progressive muscle relaxation

The progressive muscle relaxation, developed by the US physicians , sets right here. From head to toe, all the muscles of the body are actively slightly tensed for about five to ten seconds and then left loose. It concentrates on how the tension is solved. The relaxation phase takes about 30 to 40 seconds. This is the way to develop a feeling for the tension of the muscles. Through the exercises you achieve a state of relaxation, which can affect the whole body and the psyche. The nature of the exercises and their execution is relatively simple: squinting eyes, making fist, pulling shoulders to the ears. As a result, progressive muscle relaxation is relatively easy to learn.

Progressive muscle relaxation – here it is used

The progressive muscle relaxation  is not only applied to stress. As explained by the Fit & eat magazine, it can also be used as an adjuvant therapy in case of hypertension, anxiety disorders and asthma. Back pain, migraine and sleep disorders can also be treated with it.